About me

Name: Christoph Forster

Location: Innsbruck, Austria

Profession: Softwarearchitect, Buildmanager

Programming Languages:

  • Java
  • Phyton
  • Groovy
  • JavaScript


  • CPSA
  • OCA

IT Work Experience since 2000

  • Since 2007 - E-Commerce Software Architect at D.Swarovski KG
    • Intershop Enfinity Suite / Hybris
    • Jenkins
    • Gradle / Maven / Ant
    • Docker
    • Saltstack
    • SonarQube / PMD / Findbugs / Checkstyle
    • Scrum / Kanban
    • SVN / Git
  • 2002 - 2007 - Java ERP Developer at Felder KG
    • Java / J2EE / JUnit
    • XP
  • 2001 - C++ Frontend Developer at ITH icoserve
    • QT
    • CVS
  • 2000 - internship at phion AG (now Barracuda Networks)


I'm very experienced in the following areas of the Software Delivery Cycle
From the analytics over design and implementation. I've got a lot of experience in developing Software Solutions in Java. I also have experience in Phyton, Groovy, JavaScript and a lot of  different Frameworks.
Build Management
I'm a specialist in Continuous Delivery.
My areas include:
Preparing a Version-Control concept,
Setting up and configuring a buildserver,
Setup Continuous Integration Steps (Static Code Analysis etc.)
Package and distribute the Software Artifacts.
I support Operations with my Development and Build-Management Experience by distributing Software using e.g. Saltstack and Docker

Contact me

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